Scott Zarret to present “Thought Leadership is King”

Scott Zarret, CPA, has agreed to join Thriving Firm Talks 2013 as a presenter, capping a robust list of top thought leaders who will address the accounting profession at the October event. Zarret has more than 15 years of experience presenting accounting education through seminars and webinars.

His talk will challenge accountants to rethink the journey to becoming a thought leader in the profession.

Using his career path as a backdrop, Zarret will share the lasting value in establishing a position of thought leadership, how the mode for delivering messages impacts success, and the need to rise above ones “comfort zone” in order to get there.

“I’m excited to be part of this experience,” says Zarret. “This is a tremendous opportunity to stand alongside extremely well-respected professionals, share our ideas, and challenge ourselves and the profession creatively.”

“People will want to be at the live event for the networking, idea exchanges, and also to be recognized as part of the group of forwarding thinking practitioners in the profession,” Zarret said.

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