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1.1       These terms and conditions form the basis of the Agreement between the attendees at Thriving Firm Talks and the organizers of Thriving Firm Talks (herein “the organizers”). The organizers will not enter into, accept or sign any third party’s terms and conditions.

1.2       Please read the following terms and conditions which relate to information regarding attendance at the Thriving Firm Talks. By registering for the Thriving Firm Talks the attendee is agreeing to these terms and conditions. From time to time we may change these terms and conditions and will post revisions on our website, therefore we recommend that you read these terms and conditions regularly.


2.1       The attendee should be an individual representative of an accounting or advisory firm located in North America. Those who hold an official accounting designation such as CPA are expected to comprise the attendee profile.

2.2       Attendance is effective when the online registration is acknowledged and acceptance is confirmed to the attendee via email. Attendance is offered at the discretion of the organizers, and the organizers have the right to accept or reject any request for attendance at their sole discretion.

The attendee is required to provide complete and accurate personal and professional  information in regards to his/hers professional status for registration.

2.3       The organizers will protect attendees’ personal data. The organizers will treat data provided by attendees confidentially and solely in compliance with the provisions of  applicable law. The organizers will store the basic data provided by the attendee (name, invoice address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, organization, and more in certain cases) in its subscriptions and customer file and will process and use the data and – to the extent necessary – forward it to service providers appointed for the purposes of fulfilling this contract and invoicing.

Attendees consent and authorize the organizers to disclose all information provided by them to the organizers including personal information, to its affiliates, agents, sub-contractors and/or service providers and their staff, employees, officers and agents for the purposes of:

2.3.1    improvement of the quality of services provided to you in relation to this event

2.3.2   improvement of the organizers customer service, by but not limited to means of research, marketing, product development and planning;

2.3.3    Marketing of Thriving Firm Talks and/or similar future events, and/or its partners products or services; and

2.3.4    Any third party provider of services to the organizers and attendees in connection with the administration of Thriving Firm Talks.

2.4       Attendees must not:

2.4.1    Act in any way which is likely to be detrimental to the interests of the organizers; or

2.4.2    Supply or attempt to supply misleading information, or make any misrepresentation to the organizers or its affiliates, agents, sub-contractors and/or service providers and their staff, employees, officers and agents; or

2.4.3    Act in any way which in the organizers’ reasonable opinion breaches or is likely to breach these Terms and Conditions or is inconsistent with the implied interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.

2.5       Attendees acknowledge, consent, and agree to be photo, video, and audio recorded at Thriving Firm Talks and release all rights to the organizers to use their image or likeness for purposes of marketing, promotion, and/or distribution of Thriving Firm Talks or similar future events.

2.6       Attendees must comply with these Terms and Conditions at all times.

Changes to the Event

3.1       The organizers reserve the right at all times to make any changes to Thriving Firm Talks in its sole discretion.


Thriving Firm Talks documentation, images, copy, domain, audio, and intellectual property is protected by copyright. Duplication, distribution or any other use of such items under copyright is only permitted with the express written consent of the organizers. Items placed in media areas can be used freely provided they are unaltered and appropriately credited.


4.1       Thriving Firm Talks is carefully prepared and carried out on the basis of the current level of knowledge. No liability is assumed for advice given, the use made of knowledge acquired during Thriving Firm Talks or the up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness of any documentation. The organizers are not responsible and disclaims liability for errors or omissions including (without limitation) those resulting from computer hardware or software errors or failures, or for fraud, or for lost, stolen, or corrupted online registration data or sale reports.

4.2       The organizers are not liable for any special, indirect, consequential damage or loss including loss of profit or loss of business.

Breach of terms & conditions

5.1       Any breach of these Terms and Conditions by an attendee whether intentional or otherwise may result in suspension or termination of attendance or future attendance at the sole discretion of the organizers.


6.1       The organizers expressly reserve the right to terminate or alter (whether materially or otherwise) Thriving Firm Talks at any time, without any liability to attendees.

6.2       The organizers reserve the right at any time in its absolute discretion and without notice to suspend or terminate the participation of any attendee, without any liability.

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