Steve Givens

SteveGivens2Steve Givens is the Managing Partner at Ryun, Givens & Co. He is committed to helping others consider new possibilities in their businesses and their lives. Steve provides auditing, tax, consulting, and Medicaid and Medicare cost reporting services to nursing facilities (including skilled), intermediate care facilities, and continuing care retirement communities. He is a frequent speaker and presenter and has authored six lectures directly aimed at those in the long term care industry.

About Steve’s presentation:

“What’s Missing?”
Steve’s presentation admits there are many key points about firm culture that are available from popular business books and magazine articles, but there is still one very important point that has been missing from these books and articles: the “collective mood” of the firm. Steve’s talk delves into the intertwined nature of culture and collective mood. Steve will ask you to help him examine what may be missing in our world today, with specific application to businesses and other organizations you may be involved with. He views this missing point as the glue that binds the rest.


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