Srikumar Rao

srikumarraoDr. Srikumar Rao is the CEO of the Rao Institute.  He is the author of Happiness at Work and Are Your Ready to Succeed?. He has done pioneering work in motivation and helps senior executives become more engaged in work and discover deep meaning in it. He also works with teams and groups and has been extraordinarily successful in using group dynamics to foster lasting personal change. Dr. Rao is a contributing editor for Forbes and writes regularly on management practices, leadership and about the impact of technology on business processes. He also writes for other national magazines such as Inc., Business 2.0, Hemispheres, and was a contributing editor for both Financial World and Success.

About Srikumar’s presentation:

“Plug Into Your Hard-Wired Happiness”
Srikumar says we spend most of our lives learning to be unhappy, even as we strive for happiness. His talk will explore how to break free of the “I’d be happy if …” mental model, and embrace our hard-wired happiness.


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