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symposium_scottzarretScott Zarret, CPA is the president of With more than 15 years of experience in the accounting industry, Scott Zarret is widely recognized for developing innovative and highly successful marketing and sales strategies. Zarret is uniquely qualified to help companies maximize webinars as an effective marketing tactic, with his platform having delivered more than 200,000 hours of Continuing Professional Education via live webcast. Published in more than 20 respected trade publications, including Accounting Today, Denver Business Journal and Colorado Real Estate Journal, Zarret brings to CPAwebengage a powerful combination of accounting industry expertise and marketing savvy, including social media, content marketing, digital marketing, direct mail and customer relationship management.

About Scott’s presentation:

“Education, Thought Leadership, & Sales”
How is it that some stand out in the profession, while others simply do not? On the surface, it appears that some accountants simply transcend their normal roles and become thought leaders, taking their messages far and wide. But how does that happen and why does it matter?

Scott wants you to stop wondering about it, and instead rethink the journey to becoming a thought leader in the profession. Beyond just knowledge and know-how, this presentation balances the benefits with the risks and challenges of putting your ideas on the line. Using his career path as a backdrop, Scott will share the lasting value in establishing a position of thought leadership, how the mode for delivering your message impacts your success, and the need to rise above your comfort zone in order to get there.

This talk will be a living illustration of the whole process.

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