Rick Solomon

ricksolomonRick Solomon is the founder and facilitator of the Masters Program, a two-year program that empowers accountants to manifest their dream practices and lives.  As a trainer and consultant, Rick has helped thousands of accountants in seven countries, adding millions of dollars in profitable new business to their practices. He has a special interest in small to mid-sized firms and sole practitioners, and he enjoys applying his extensive hands-on knowledge of what makes firms thrive to help thousands enjoy greater income and lifestyles.

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About Rick’s presentation:

“Embracing Presence. An Unexpected Strategy.”
Rick’s presentation is built on the observation that there is a deeply embedded human tendency to make the simple complex. As it turns out, everything that we are seeking in the world, happiness, success, self-worth, is inherent in our very being, in this present moment. We don’t notice it because we’re looking outside ourselves for answers. When we embrace presence as a strategy in our professional world, we are able to enjoy a life of abundance and well-being with much greater ease than you might imagine possible.


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