Ric Payne

ricpayneRic Payne is the co-founder and Chairman of the Principa Companies, dedicated to helping Accountants and Business Advisors enhance the performance of their own business and those of clients through the use of a robust suite of tools, methodologies and support processes. He blends his practical experience with his research and teaching background to articulate complex concepts in a coherent and entertaining manner.

About Ric’s Presentation:

“You Already Have a $1 Million Firm Within Yourself”
Ric’s presentation starts with a simple fact: less than 2% of firms send their owners home with at least $1 million every year. Based on 40 years of observation and reflection, not to mention some serious intervention, Ric will explain exactly how that 2% does it, why 98% of firms still don’t get it, and what you can do starting right now to head in the direction of building a truly exceptional accounting business.

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