Jody Thompson

jodythompsonJody Thompson is the Co-Founder of CultureRx. She is the co-author of Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It and Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It. She is committed to employees being vested in the “big picture” through a new lifestyle; a new way of thinking; a method of engagement and a new yardstick of their commitment to the workplace and their performance.

About Jody’s Presentation:

“How to Make Work Not Suck”
Jody proposes that most accountants are stuck in a 1952 workplace system despite our technology-driven world. And it sucks.

Her presentation is sure to shake up how you think about your work and the workplace. Frankly, she was fed up with being treated like a child, who if left unattended would steal candy from the break room.  And, comforting a co-worker who had to pass on yet another important life event because they were out of ‘personal time’ was just insane. It’s time to change the conversation and focus on what matters – in all areas of our lives, including work.


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