Presentation Descriptions Added to Thriving Firm Talks

Presenters at Thriving Firm Talks 2013 have added brief descriptions of their upcoming talks. Descriptions are available on the individual Presenter Profile pages on the Thriving Firm Talks website.

Additionally, through the Presenter Profile pages, attendees can submit questions to the presenters that might be addressed at Thriving Firm Talks 2013.

Common among all the presenters is a vision for educating and uplifting the profession. Thriving Firm Talks 2013 will bring forth the sort of ideas and thinking that will energize and help expand a movement of professionals who are seeking to create a practice “on their terms.”

The following are the titles of the presentations:

“Your Power as a Great CPA Lies Within” – Jim Metzler
“Plug Into Your Hard-Wired Happiness” – Srikumar Rao
“Taking Command of Your Life” – Randy Johnston
“Embracing Presence. An Unexpected Strategy.” – Rick Solomon
“Sorry Dilbert: We’re Not Laughing Anymore” – Jody Thompson
“You Already Have a $1 Million Firm Within Yourself” – Ric Payne
“The Value of Puppies” – Jason Blumer
“Re-Engineering Your Firm’s Culture” – Steve Givens
“Break the Binds of Accounting Tradition Before They Break You” – Ian Vacin

Tom Hood’s presentation title is forthcoming.

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