Why Thriving Firm Talks?

We’re witnessing a growing number of accountants who are shedding their self-limiting views and are rethinking what’s possible. As a result, their practices and lives are being transformed. We want to speak to that movement, and in doing so have organized “Thriving Firm Talks.”

Thriving Firm Talks - Rethinking What's Possible

What is Thriving Firm Talks?

Thriving Firm Talks features powerful, non-commercial presentations (up to 17 minutes) from select thought leaders. The all-star roster of presenters comes from within and outside the accounting profession, but each one speaks from their heart to enlighten and inspire those in the profession in new ways.

The intention of Thriving Firm Talks is to, year after year, bring forth the sort of ideas and thinking that will energize and help expand the movement of professionals who are creating a practice “on their terms.”

Who is Presenting at Thriving Firm Talks?

Presenters for 2014:

  • Monique Honaman
  • Kate Freeman
  • Angie Grissom
  • Sarah Johnson Dobek
  • Raju Vegesna
  • Deborah Curry
  • Sally Massagee
  • Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq
  • Rick Solomon

Presenters for 2013:

  • Tom Hood
  • Jim Metzler
  • Ric Payne
  • Jason Blumer
  • Srikumar Rao
  • Rick Solomon
  • Steve Givens
  • Scott Zarret
  • Jody Thompson
  • Ian Vacin
  • Randy Johnston

What is Shared at Thriving Firm Talks?

Imperative to the core principles of Thriving Firm Talks is the empowerment of accountants to go beyond what they currently view as possible in order to create their ideal practices and careers. Topics include unique perspectives on firm culture, harnessing technology, self-empowerment, understanding value, thought leadership, and more.

When and Where is Thriving Firm Talks?

Thriving Firm Talks 2014 will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Wyndham Grand Resort.

Thriving Firm Talks 2013 took place at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, California, USA.

Is There Anything Else?

Notable is what is NOT present. There are no keynote speeches, no panel discussions, no breakout sessions, no Q&As, no podiums or lecterns, no sponsor tables, and nothing commercial about the event.

How to Get in Touch:

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